Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Colorado

This Last December 12-14, 2008 Team ILL VISION organized 12 jumpers for an incredible Heli BASE trip to Little CO. The team was six strong and included our sponsor Asylum Designs.
Everyone arrived on Friday and met up at the hotel. Jumpers awoke to white out winter conditions on Saturday and did what they had to with the time on their hands staring at a helicopter.
Sunday the weather broke to pristine conditions with everyone making five jumps each. The group worked up to a few three ways but it was obvious everyone need more time and jumps at the site to go bigger.
Late in the day there was a wall strike by a team member. Often considered a right of passage by BASE jumpers, a wall strike on a new cliff commands the respect from all individuals who might be complacent. Muscling it in like a man only a toe and elbow injury was the end result.
Monday morning brought freezing temps and snow flurries so the group packed it in after breaking the injured team member out of the hospital.
Another trip is scheduled for April, so keep your ears open right here for more info.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

World Record WingSuit 71

And Team ILL VISION was there in FORCE!
Leading the right 18-way wing, TEAM ILL VISION's 9-way lead the pack and set the standard for the entire event.
TEAM ILL VISION's t-shirts and sticker inundated the place by the time we left. Making over 30 jumps for the week the team became very comfortable with each other in the air.
Needless to say, by the end of the event everyone came together as one team and we did the biggest wingsuit formation yet, a 71-way, a new world's record.
Check out the pics below.
Find more pics from these contributing photographers.

Nick Stern
Scott Callantine
Harry Parker