Monday, June 29, 2009

Awesome weekend in Twin Falls!

Thanks to everybody who showed up! It was beyond what we expected. From first time students to seasoned jumpers, everybody had a good time. Hundreds of jumps, and barely a scratch. The variety of people was very cool and it was great to see old friends and make a few new ones. Looking forward to the next TEAM ILL VISION BASE adventure as we forge ahead. Peace, love and joy. Avery Badenhop

Monday, June 22, 2009

6.20.09 Lodi Team ILL Vision update

Hello, this is Harry Parker with a Team ILL VISION Monday update. If you are sitting in a cubical somewhere, check out the action from this weekend and let your self breath for a moment.

Visiting Base/Organizer Sean Horton showed up this weekend to work with Ed Pawlowski for a Saturday filled with some great dives. Sean "Monkey" Horton will be organizing at Davis this weekend during the American Boogie.

This marks the first day of attention Team driven dives towards the 100-way records coming in November with Jeff Nebelkopf.

Sean and Ed created some interesting cat dives with one dive bringing two pieces together while turning back to the DZ. Just about all Team members showed up for the dives and with some add on's for some nice 12 & 13 way dives. Everyone got the chance to blow the rust off and begin syncing fall rates.

Great day of jumping for sure. Really am enjoying learning how to fly wing suit camera. These are the days to shoot too. Do hope you enjoy the pics.

Coming up this weekend, Team ILL VISION will be taking over Twin Falls, ID for a full three day weekend of BASE'n, spittn', cussing, drinking beer and pissing on trees. Team members will concentrate on currency. Four weeks from now the team will then be going to Switzerland!

Follow all the mayhem right here!

Enjoy, remember you can right click and save any time. These and others will be available to tag on Harry Parker facebook and Team ILL VISIION Facebook. Make sure to check out the FULL GALLERY of pics.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Next Stage for Team ILL VISION begins

Hello, this is Harry Parker with a TEAM ILL VISION update.

This weekend marks a new beginning for Team ILL VISION.

This past Saturday team members met at Lodi for organized team jumps and their first meeting of the year.
Core leaders Avery Badenhop and Ed Pawlowski took the reigns as the driving force for the team unfolding the future for this summer and beyond with an invitation starting the selection process.
Everyone who attended was stoked and excited at the possibilities while at the same time realizing the work and commitment necessary to achieve a successful team. Everyone now has time think about how involved they want to become.
Leaders will now utilize the feedback they received to lay the foundational structure of the team. Members will then get the chance to comment and co-create the teams initial structure and direction.
The summer will focus on practicing for the upcoming World Record organized by THE JEFF KNEBELKOPF and others. ILL VISION is already practicing the grid, which is notably difficult after learning to fly in very close proximity with each other.
Stay tuned and watch the teams progression unfold right here by following this blog.
Team members are dynamic to say the least. I will be gathering and posting head shots and bios as the selection and commitment process ends. We have some very bright and dedicated jumpers with tons of experience and talents in many areas.
Below are some pics of this weekend. I have created a Team GALLERY HERE that will contain ALL the select pics I can get my hands on from the past, and as I shoot.
Enjoy and leave a comment. Team members will be posting to this blog soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5.30 Wings over Lodi

Just found these pics and remembered I didn't make a post! Here you go. Great flying with ya. let's keep it up on Saturdays for sure. Lot's to do this summer.
The boys should be back in a few weeks from Switzerland and some others from their paragliding adventures.
Enjoy, remember you can right click and save any time. These and others will be available to tag on facebook as well.
Looking forward to more flying!


Greetings from Lauterbrunnen. Medusa, Ren and myself have been making laps off the High Nose exit point. The weather has been perfect for jumping. The new canopies from Asylum Designs are sweet. I have been using the `Seven 240 & 260` with my custom high aspect ratio sliders and pro pack, the openings have been so nice, quick but no spank, and on heading every time. We also have `Feather 240 & 260` canopies in stock configuration, same results. We are working on team building, encouraging each other all along the way. We found our `Rock` and will be back in California in a few days to share with team members.
Peace, love and joy. Avery Badenhop