Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Greetings from Lauterbrunnen. Medusa, Ren and myself have been making laps off the High Nose exit point. The weather has been perfect for jumping. The new canopies from Asylum Designs are sweet. I have been using the `Seven 240 & 260` with my custom high aspect ratio sliders and pro pack, the openings have been so nice, quick but no spank, and on heading every time. We also have `Feather 240 & 260` canopies in stock configuration, same results. We are working on team building, encouraging each other all along the way. We found our `Rock` and will be back in California in a few days to share with team members.
Peace, love and joy. Avery Badenhop


WestCoastWingsuits said...

"Rock" on guys! Happy to hear that the jumps are going well. Will you be coming back with funny French acsents?

Team ILL VISION said...

Awesome! Keep it safe and send some pictures! Looking forward to hearing all the stories!