Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Revive Carl Boenish's Work!

by David Royer


We have an amazing opportunity to support a project that will give the world a first window on the birth of of BASE jumping, right here in Nor Cal. The story of Carl, beautiful and tragic, is one all jumpers have heard, I can't wait to experience it the way he chose to share his dream, through his cameras.

Marah Strauch and Eric Bruggemann are producing Gravity

In the early eighties Carl Boenish coined the acronym “BASE” (standing for Buildings,
Antenna, Span, and Earth, the objects jumped) and invented a sport. Carl was the catalyst
behind modern BASE jumping; an electrical engineer and filmmaker who believed that
BASE jumping would allow mankind to overcome artificial physical limitations. He
religiously chronicled the early days of BASE in beautiful 16mm film, a filmmaker who filmed himself inventing a lifestyle and a sport.

If you want to see the journey, please support by clicking on Marah and Eric's name above.

Monday, May 17, 2010

PR Newswire: Captain America falls out of Airplane!

Tim West, aka Captain America, an old time Fort Funston Hang glider pilot and good friend, decided to cross another item off the bucket list and learn how to skydive.

After doing 45 minutes at Ifly Tunnel, Tim was ready to rumble, and completed AFF, Accelerated Free Fall Training, and got certified by Ill Vision'ite Ed Pawlowski from West Coast Wingsuits.

Here is the video of one of his first jumps off student status, Arnel, Damien and I completed a speed star, what a fun jump! I also included a sit-fly jump with Damien and Arnel, as well as 2 nice 3 point wingsuit jumps with the usual Lodi suspects, from the same day. Enjoy, dingo dave.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Bideo Uno” & Jhonny Florez Make Debut at Petaluma Film Festival

By Jhonathan Florez

Saturday, May 1st, I had the opportunity to present “Bideo Uno” at the Petaluma Film Festival . The festival was organized by SRJC Proffesor Michael Traina. This Festival featured 26 animated & live shorts. Directors from Sweden, Japan, Italy, France and many other places, submitted their work and after passing the screening process were selected to present it at the festival.

“Bideo Uno” from Team Ill Vision was selected as the college representative entrance for this festival. I’m humbled to admit that I never thought I would ever see any of my movies played in a real movie theater. For me this was a great honor to share the big screen with Oscar, Cannes and Sundance nominated directors and awarded shorts. It was a great experience to interact with all these amazing directors. I had an opportunity to share techniques, talk about cameras and discuss where the industry is heading. I also made some new friends and passed some business cards for any aerial services they might need on their movies. Some of them were really interested in our field and even offered some collaboration for future projects.

To sum up this was a great opportunity and an incentive to keep pursuing quality in my work. I feel honored and I can’t wait to start shooting my scenes with a story line and a movie in mind.

In a technical note, I was blown away by the techniques, story lines, camera work and photography used in these shorts. If you have a sec to check out some outstanding work by up and coming cinematographers, then check these favorites:

My Top 3

“Touch” by Jen Mcgowan

“Love Tap” by Mike Goode

“Wunderkrammer” By Andrea Pallaoro

Other great Views include:

“Madagascar, Canet de Voyage” by Bastien Dubois

“The Kiss” by Stefan Le Lay

“True Beauty This Night” By Peter Besson

“Fard” by Luis Briceno & David Alapont

“Jitensha (Bicycle)” by Dean Yamada

“The Saddest Boy in the World” By Jamie Travis

“The Third Letter (36 Stairs)” by Grzegorz Jonkajtys