Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Revive Carl Boenish's Work!

by David Royer


We have an amazing opportunity to support a project that will give the world a first window on the birth of of BASE jumping, right here in Nor Cal. The story of Carl, beautiful and tragic, is one all jumpers have heard, I can't wait to experience it the way he chose to share his dream, through his cameras.

Marah Strauch and Eric Bruggemann are producing Gravity

In the early eighties Carl Boenish coined the acronym “BASE” (standing for Buildings,
Antenna, Span, and Earth, the objects jumped) and invented a sport. Carl was the catalyst
behind modern BASE jumping; an electrical engineer and filmmaker who believed that
BASE jumping would allow mankind to overcome artificial physical limitations. He
religiously chronicled the early days of BASE in beautiful 16mm film, a filmmaker who filmed himself inventing a lifestyle and a sport.

If you want to see the journey, please support by clicking on Marah and Eric's name above.


Anonymous said...

This is a worthwhile effort. Carl was a super photographer and knew colors and angles. It shows a side of BASE that a lot of jumpers should see. Not just the equipment,but the spirit and philosophy. In my notes to all you new BASE numbers, I reference the Spirit of BASE jumping. Carl had this spirit and passed it on to most of his diciples. Don't screw up the environment, don't be rude or nasty to people, even rangers or cops, and take only memories and leave only footprints.
Rick H.

Dingo said...

Rick, I appreciate your comments! Thank you for your efforts over the years to continue Carl's vision for the sport, I will never forget receiving my BASE number from you and your note, I still have both.


Anonymous said...

so excited about this. Was surfing the internet and came upon this. He was my uncle. Hope to get to see all the footage made digital.