Monday, May 17, 2010

PR Newswire: Captain America falls out of Airplane!

Tim West, aka Captain America, an old time Fort Funston Hang glider pilot and good friend, decided to cross another item off the bucket list and learn how to skydive.

After doing 45 minutes at Ifly Tunnel, Tim was ready to rumble, and completed AFF, Accelerated Free Fall Training, and got certified by Ill Vision'ite Ed Pawlowski from West Coast Wingsuits.

Here is the video of one of his first jumps off student status, Arnel, Damien and I completed a speed star, what a fun jump! I also included a sit-fly jump with Damien and Arnel, as well as 2 nice 3 point wingsuit jumps with the usual Lodi suspects, from the same day. Enjoy, dingo dave.