Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Team ILL VISION Begins 2009 Training Camps

This last Saturday the 23rd of May saw a few Team members rally for a few jumps at their home DZ Lodi in preparation of an all summer mission to train for several upcoming events. Jumps concentrated on basic three and four way sequential where everyone must be BASE, a hard task for sure but one with a steep learning curve.
Armed with two new Sony CX-100 HD Video Cams jumpers Avery Badenhop and Harry Parker began to document inside and outside footage of jumpers, hopefully the standard for all jumps this summer. The team currently owns almost 20 Pheonix Fly wingsuits and is ready to bring together some of the best fliers in US.
The team is expected to have a busy summer and leader Avery Badenhop is determined to bring the team to the next level with an actual vision and selection process for named team members. Selected members will represent the team in monthly travel events. Selection process is in the works. If any of this interests you, make sure you follow and RSS this blog for more info.
You can also join the facebook group page to keep up with all the antics travel and specials coming this summer.
Team support group Johnny "Madusa" Florez and Ren Huschle will meet up with Team Leader Avery Badenhop this week in Switzerland for jumps centering around the new line of canopies from Asylum Designs. Sure to be an exciting trip. I hear the weather is good and jumping is going on as we speak. Johnny and Ren will be covering the trip so check back often for updates, pictures and maybe even some video.
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