Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rockn' Da Potato Bridge

Team ILL VISION teams up with Asylum Designs for a four day weekend of summer BASE jumping fun. Showing up in force with over nine team members and a host of Asylum reps and instructors, ILL VISION took over the Potato Bridge the last week in june
Asylum brought out demos of their new canopies, the Seven and the Feather. Everyone was stoked jumping newly designed canopies at will.
If I leave anyone out, forgive me it's been over a week now.
Everyone who showed up was treated to free boat rides and a dinner or lunch from Team ILL Vision's Avery Badenhop who coordinated the teams event.
I believe the Asylum group, including Blake, Nikki and Chris and others took over eight students to their own edge for first time BASE jumps. And, continued to jump as hard as they could for the entire time, learning to pack and progressing on their instructor laid out skill sets. Fun to watch and be a part of their challenge and triumphs. Nothing like watching a first timer make that commitment to actually jump. The energy is hard to describe and easy to get caught up in. Happy.
The more seasoned jumpers were insatiable and hiked to the top forgoing the boat ride in favor another quicky. Many jumps were made on an unpacked parachute. The "Unpacked Parachute Jump" method ends the days of that annoying packing. We can all thank Shane McConkey for eliminating the tired and worrisome experience of having to pack.
It was an excellent celebration of summer as July 4th approached. Visiting jumpers just showing up for some BASE jumps rotated through the weekend. At one point I know I counted more then 30 BASE jumpers.
The locals were in full force as well. Some of the locals who showed up were Abbie from Spatual Rigging and Snake River Skydiving, Sean, Tanner and Holly.
Also making an appearance from France, please meet Matt Gerdes and Liv Sansoz. Two rock star celebrities from France. Keeping a low profile with Matt totally dedicated to teaching Liv to BASE jump. These two are a hard core adrenaline duo. Just check out their web pages. You think we live it up?
It was a great time had by all complete with plentiful jumping and an abundance of friendship. A nice summer reunion back to the roots of what we do, JUMP!
From Team ILL VISION, Thanks to everyone for all the smiles and good times.

I was going to upload some pics but there are just too many. To see a whole bunch in just 3.5 minutes, put your earphones in, close your imaginary cubicle door closed and check out the slide show below.

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