Friday, August 7, 2009

T-Mobile Demo over San Francisco

Team ILL VISION organizes 15-way wingsuit formation over San Fransisco August 5, 2009.
Sorry to keep this short. Leaving in four hours to Switzerland with the team.
On a hot tip, Team ILL Vision got the chance of a lifetime to work with Skydiving Innovations who organized the show for "T-Mobile."
The big city demonstration jump brought attention to the launch of the T Mobile's myTouch 3G phone, The colorful show featured 100 skydivers. Three groups formed a "T" in free fall including the 15-way wingsuit formation. I believe it is the largest skydiving demo in US History.
Raise the Sky, Fog Head Stuidos, Flock "U"niversity, Craig O'Brien Photography and others including David Major of Ace Aerial Cinematography participated in the event.
Four Landing areas ranged from a huge field near the famous Golden Gate Bridge, a baseball field and very tight PRO Rated landing areas within the skyscrapers.


Craig O'Brien got the shots. Check them out here.

Check out some of the coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle Pics & Chopper Video

New TV Raw ground to air footage of JP Plaza field canopies and landings. Lots of smoke.

Geek Sugar - Good ground shots. The Show. JP Plaza and more.

Cnet News, Nice ground shots of JH Plaza Personal Blog. Nice jet, ground to air RW and ground shots, OB, Avery and others.


Photos by Johnny "madusa" Florez

From Left to Right:
Ed Pawlowski, Ren Huschle, Brian Drake, Jimmy Hopper, Justin Shorb, YoYo, Avery Badenhop, Harry Parker, Kris Sosso, Taya Weiss, Brian Soby, Jeff Nebelkopf and Scott Callantine.

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