Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phoenix-Fly Product Line Challenge

By Ricardo Valbuena
Team Member

Photography by
Iwan van der Schoor

Once again Team Ill Vision has gathered to accomplish another challenge. This time the challenge consisted in Flocking the entire product line manufactured by Phoenix-Fly, Human Flight Innovations.
The challenge came as an idea after super light and skinny Team member Jhonathan Florez realized he was able to generate a fall rate of around 80mph with just the Tracking Suit. The realization prompted Jhonny to call up other team members to see if they could match up their Wingsuits with his Tracking Suit fall rate while staying within proper proximity to make an actual flock.
Practice jumps were called on June 18th and June 19th with just a few members. After a few practice jumps, and going through a process of trial and error, Jhonny was able to dial the right body position and fall rate to make it possible for the Wingsuits to stay within proper and consistent flocking distance.
On Saturday 20th at the Parachute Center in Lodi, California, the challenge was called up. The challenge counted with the presence of most Team Ill Vision members along with participation and collaboration of Aerial Videographer and Photographer Iwan Van Der Schoor and other members of the Lodi Wingsuit community.
An early morning first jump was made with the idea to flock a perfect diamond with 10 Points, including 6 different Wingsuits types led by a Tracking Suit. Only about an 85% success was achieved on this jump mostly due to the distraction generated by anxiety and anticipation among some of the participants. Nevertheless the jump provided the participants all the necessary inspiration and facts to work with in order to make a second successful attempt.
A second attempt was made, and short after exiting the plane a beautiful flock assembled to form a perfect diamond containing every type of Wingsuit and Tracking Suit made by Phoenix-Fly.
Participants included:

Jhonathan Florez, Team Member, (Tracking Suit)
Avery Badenhop, Team Member, (Shadow)
Damien Dykman, Team Member, (Acro)
Ed Pawlowski, Team Captain, (Prodigy 2)
Kristin Sosso, Team Member, (Ghost 2)
David Royer, Team Member, (Phantom 2)
Brian Drake, Team Alternate, (Vampire 3)
Brian Sobe, Team Alternate, (Stealth 2)
Rex Pemberton, Team Alternate, (Phantom 2)
Sean Horton, Team Alternate, (Ghost 2)
Iwan Van Der Schoor, Team Alternate, (Ghost 2 -Photography & Video)
Ricardo Valbuena, Team Member, (Ghost 2 – Aerial Direction & Coordination)

Team ILL Vision, Pheonix Fly Wing Suit
Team ILL Vision, Pheonix Fly Wing Suit
Team ILL Vision, Pheonix Fly Wing Suit
Team ILL Vision, Pheonix Fly Wing Suit

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