Friday, August 6, 2010

The Great Book of BASE

If you or anyone you know has ever wondered what BASE jumping is all about, this is the book. Who is the audience you may ask? The Great Book of BASE was written in a way that appeals to a wide demographic. Whether you are an experienced jumper already or are simply intrigued by video you may have seen on TV or the internet and want to know more, this book has something for everyone. The photography alone is worthy of owning a copy to be placed on your coffee table.

While there are many other BASE related resources out there, this book is special in that so much information has been organized and illustrated in one place. It is hands down the most comprehensive reference you will find about the sport of BASE jumping. Author and fellow BASE jumper, Matt Gerdes, has done a phenomenal job capturing the essence of the sport in his own descriptive and entertaining writing style. The Great Book of BASE is a huge contribution to the sport carrying more positive impact than any other action attempted to since the days of the CJAA. It's brutally honest and portrays the sport in an educational and realistic capacity.

Purchase your copy of The Great Book of BASE or download free sample pages.

Team ILL Vision is honored to have been given the opportunity to contribute photography and writing for this project.

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