Friday, December 18, 2009

Wing Suit Record 2009, Elsinore.

This year again, we were part of the Wing Suit Record attempt in Skydive Elsinore, California. Taya Weiss and were organizing this amazing event. After 5 days, on November 11th 2009, we got a new record: 68 people, slot perfect formation! More than just a record, this event was also a fund raising for non-profit which helps kids to graduate.

Chief Captain Ed was leading our plane, motivating all of us, espically for the freezing cold 6 am morning starts! Surprisingly, he only had to give a few yellow cards to a few badly behaved individuals. Kenneth Gajda, Alex Frey, Craig Poxon, David Gershfeld and former team member Cliff Ryder were all wearing red and purple team suits!

Devon Steigerwald stayed we us in Elsinore for a couple days, shooting many awesome picture. Amazing what a professional photographer can do! Above pictures are courtesy of Devon.

The Ill Vision tent was set with all the comfort you can expect: chairs, picnic table, a cooler of beverages, snacks, etc. After a well spent day participants were welcome to come grab a drink.

After the official record jumps, Top Gun and Ill Vison teams planned an ambitious formation. Sadely, the weather did not cooperate and the "Top Vision" (or "Ill Gun") jump was only a dirt dive. But it will happen sooner or later!

Photographer and friend Michelle Hood brought all her equipment for a photo-shoot. Jhonny felt the need to customize the picture a little and give it his own touch!


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