Monday, December 21, 2009

Wingsuits: Powered by Cisco

Iwan van der Schoor,, a fellow NorCal jumper and wingsuit pilot, contracted Ill Vision to work on a promotional video for Cisco this fall.

All aerial footage was completed in 2 days, thanks to Ed Pawlowski co-ordinating shot sequences with Iwan for in-air shots, and the production crew, headed by Laura Marks, Tim Fink Productions, for landing shots.

Ed Pawlowski and David 'dingo' Royer from Ill Vision and So Cal wingsuit expert Brian Drake pulled together their flying skills and got the needed shots. Producer Laura Marks was having a blast, she did a tandem the same day, stayed for beers afterwards and is working with Ed to learn the sport!

TonySuits built custom S-Birds for the shoot, they were ready and at the DZ in less than 10 days, amazing turn-around time.

Iwan customized his camera helmet to fit the Sony XDCAM-EX1 with great results, watch the clarity and color below:

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